‘To have faith is to have purpose, and purpose in life is what defines a man, and makes him steadfast and resolute. Faith keeps him true and, even in the darkest hours, illuminates him like a candle flame. Faith guides him surely, from birth to the grave. It shows him the path, and prevents him from straying into the lightless thickets where insanity awaits. To lose faith is to lose purpose, and to be bereft of guidance. For a man without faith will no longer be true, and a mind without purpose will walk in dark places.’

-The Spheres of Longing, II. Ix. 31.

“A Suspicious Mind” is a Warhammer 40,000 Dark Heresy/Deathwatch RPG Campaign that follows the exploits of Cell C15: “Razor Cell”- an Inquisition Acolyte Cell of the Ordo Xenos under the authority of Inquisitor Gramen Sand.Cell C15 is responsible for the investigating of heresy and other dangers that threaten to disrupt and destroy the Imperium. Stationed primarily in the Calixis Sector, Cell C15 will travel throughout the sector and beyond in the process of their investigations. Many of these investigations will be full of peril and the stakes to the group, as well as the Imperium at large, are high and death for the Cell members is often moments away.

The current members of Cell: C15 consists of the following personnel:

  • Lysandros- Arbitrator and enforcer of the Emperor’s Law
  • Maximus- Void-born Scum adventurer on the path of life
  • Praetus- Sanctioned Psyker and Diplomat
  • Valen Ka’Jan- Assassin and righteous vengeance for all that is wrong in the Imperium

Mission Profiles of Cell C15: Razor Cell

A Suspicious Mind is a Healthy Mind

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